Hafþór Júlíus Björnsso, also known as Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane from HBO’s Game of Thrones, is an eating machine. After all, you don't get to be 6'9" and 400 pounds by skipping lunch and picking at salads. 

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, the Icelandic actor announced that he’s currently training for the World’s Strongest Man competition, which means his diet needs to be especially on point these days. The average strongman can consume more than 10,000 calories each day, and since Björnsso only came in third at last year’s competition, it looks like he’s hoping to up his eating game and go for the gold in 2016.

Here's a look at the insane amount of fuel The Mountain is now consuming on a daily basis:

6:50 Morning workout! Cardio + CORE for 30min Bcca, Glutamine + handful of almonds

7:30 8 eggs + 200gr Oats + blueberries & strawberries + avocado

9:30 400gr Beef, 400gr Sweet potatoes, handful of spinach & greens

11:50 Bcca, glutamine,

12:00 400gr Chicken + 400gr potatoes, greens + some fruits

14:00 Blender = 150gr oats or sweet potatoes, 2 bananas 150gr kelloggs rice krispies, frozen berries, handful almonds, peanut butter and glutamine

14:30 Training strongman, Bcca, glutamine, Vitargo

17:30 60gr protein + 2 banans

18:00 500gr beef + potatoes, greens

20:30 500gr salmon + 500gr sweet potatoes

22:30 50gr casein protein or 6 eggs + avacado + 30gr almonds + 50gr peanut butter

Drink a lot of water throughout the day + Juices to get more calories!! middle of the night 50gr casaine protein or raw eggs.

According to the World’s Strongest Man website, Björnsso’s Game of Thrones co-star, Peter Dinklage (AKA Tyrion Lannister), once saw The Mountain devour seven whole chickens for dinner while filming on location in Croatia. Before you start frying up an entire carton of eggs for breakfast, or chugging smoothies filled with Rice Krispies in the afternoon, Björnsson warns that his diet is not for the faint of heart. “Yes this is a lot,” he wrote on Instagram. “And I don't recommend YOU to try this!!”

Hey, no one said getting swole was going to be easy. Just ask Complex TV's Sean Evans, who previously attempted to eat like The Rock for a day. Maybe he can take on The Mountain Challenge next.

[via BuzzFeed]