Making the most expensive version of any foodstuff is not exactly the type of feat that gets you into heaven, but it does get you five minutes of fame in this purgatory that we call the Internet. So that’s got to mean something, right?!

We’ve seen luxe burgers and wallet-busting steaks in the past, but never a $1,300 kebab. Onder Sahan, the head chef at Hazev in London, is responsible for this one-percenter riff on the Turkish classic. As Sahan explains to Ruptly TV, the price tag reflects the use of upmarket ingredients like Wagyu beef and a 25-year-old vinegar:

“I decided to make something unusual. I created that ‘Royal Kebab’. Yes, I think we do something nice and expensive. We used high quality meat and vegetables and olive oil and nice 25-year-old vinegar. We try to change the kebab image, and then we show people if you have good taste and then you can make it whatever way you like it.”

Sahan does not want the idea of upscale kebabs to end with his thousand-dollar creation. Instead, he says, “I’m really very, very happy if someone [tops it], and I’m very interested. I’m waiting to see if someone makes it better than this, and I’m happy to pay more than £1,000.”

Watch the video above to see how the $1,300 Royal Kebab comes together.

[via Uproxx]