It’s going to be raining fries at a new McDonald’s location set to open in St. Joseph, Missouri. According to Fortune, the chain is taking the concept of “supersizing” to new levels and getting McCrazy by offering unlimited fries at the new restaurant. Yes, that’s right: endless fries.

The new location, which is slated to open in July, will also let hungry patrons customize their burgers, chicken sandwiches, and desserts through a kiosk. Plus, patrons will no longer have to stand by the counter and wait for their food like plebeians. Instead, employees will bring food to wherever the customer is sitting—whether it be a table or a new collection of “couches and arm chairs” in the restaurant. Basically, this sounds nothing like a McDonald’s.

While fast-casual chains like Red Robin have offered unlimited fries before, it’s shocking for a fast-food chain to consider the idea given that its menu items are much lower in price. Still perhaps McDonald’s is feelin’ itself after the success of its all-day breakfast. While some customers are amped about the possibility of unlimited fries, many are not lovin’ it, pointing out the health concerns associated with massive fry consumption.

While people shouldn’t be stuffing their faces with handfuls of fries everyday, sometimes you just need to go nuts. So, who really can be mad at McDonald’s for giving the people what they want?

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