Have no fear, stoners—you'll never have to make that long walk from the couch to the kitchen ever again. We present to you, the "McBong."

This smoke-able culinary creation comes from Tym Bussanich, the same high guy who brought us the Twinkie pipe. But this time, Bussanich has outdone himself. 

The McBong uses four cheeseburgers, an order of fries, and a medium soft drink, plus just a little bit of tin foil and putty to hold it all together. And yes, you could ostensibly make the same thing without the burger stack, but then what would you eat after the bong rips? 

Our one gripe with the fast-food bong? There's no water. The fries are a nice touch (and you definitely don't want them to get soggy), but technically that just makes this concoction a pipe, not a bong, right?

[via Instagram/TyBussanich]