Lifestyle goddess Martha Stewart ran into trouble yesterday when she tried to do her civic duty and vote in the New York primaries. Turns out rocking pricey pantsuits, being best buds with Snoop Dogg, and roasting the crap out of Justin Bieber is not enough to protect you from the shortcomings of the Board of Elections. According to Gawker, Stewart tweeted out that she was among one of those affected by mysterious disappearance the names of 50,000 registered Democrats by the Board.

M. Stew says she was not in the records and “had to fill out extensive forms and affidavits,” which she says made her “vulnerable and uncomfortable.” While she was able to fill out the affidavit, Gawker says “it’s not clear that her vote was ultimately counted if her name wasn’t listed on the voter roll.” It’s a big blow for whichever candidate got Stewart’s backing: Who wouldn’t want the vote of everyone’s favorite felon?

It’s been a rough few days for Stewart. She tweeted later this morning that her olfactory system was dealing with some harsh offenders.

To be fair, prison probably smelled better than the permeating stink of garbage on the Hudson River.

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