Mars Food will soon be stamping its products with a new kind of label that suggests how often people should consume its products. The labels, which mark items as either “occasional” and “everyday,” will be added to prepackaged rice dishes, pasta sauces, mac and cheese, and other products high in fat, sodium, or sugar. The “occasional” tag suggests once-a-week consumption, while “everyday” will be put on healthier items.

According to NBC News, that means that Mars’ line of Uncle Ben’s rices and Dolmio lasagne sauces will be labeled for once a week as part of an initiative to help curb obesity in America. Mars, as well as other food conglomerates, have been pressured by the media, government, and public to change the way America eats, and Mars will launch its new labeling as a way to contribute.

For now, the labels will be present in the U.S. only. Mars says that it will post on its website sometime in the coming weeks which foods it has deemed “everyday” items, and which should only be eaten weekly.

The best part is, Mars will not include these “occasional” labels on any of its chocolates or candies, which include M&Ms, Starburst, and Skittles. For a company trying to act consciously, it sure is turning quite the blind eye.

[via NBC News]