There is no feeling worse than breaking into a perfectly ripe avocado, only to find more pit inside than actual avocado.

The British department store Marks & Spencer has that issued covered. Until April 25th, the UK retailer is selling gigantic avocados, known as a the Carla Avocado.

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According to Metro, the Carla is from the Dominican Republic and is five times the size of an average avocado. You can even fit an entire miniature avocado inside a Carla. The avocado looks a bit different from your run-of-the-mill variety, but Metro assures the taste remains the same. The thing is so big you could probably use the avocado shell as a bowl for your guacamole.

Marks & Spencer calls the food the perfect size “for sharing with family or friends or making a party sized salads or guacamole.” Nothing says party quite like a monstrous avocado, after all.

[via Metro]