We’ve long known that Aziz Ansari is one of the most food-obsessed comedians working today, but recently he’s been on a particularly successful gastronomic tear. Ansari not only nailed the nuances of dining in NYC in his hit Netflix show Master of None, but he also popped up in Tyrese’s incredible backyard Benihana.

To get deeper into his love of Italian food, Munchies brought Aziz and Master of None co-creator Alan Yang together with Mario Batali for a three-course Italian lunch. For fans looking for Ansari to steal the show, they’ll leave the clip disappointed; the majority of the action focuses on Batali’s cooking tutorial. Luckily, Batali drops 20 minutes’-worth of knowledge bombs, like…

  • Tasting wine shouldn’t become a science project; it should simply enhance your food, meal, and experience.
  • Last-second seasoning, done approximately the minute after you pull your finished dish off the stovetop, can take your meal from “a 94 to a 99.”
  • Traditional, Italian-style ravioli should never have anything firm inside it (so forget adding barbecued braised beef); instead, the filling should always feel texturally homogenous and evenly dispersed.

Watch the entire clip above.

[via Munchies]