Fashion giant Louis Vuitton is after a South Korean fried-chicken restaurant for marketing itself as “Louis Vuiton Fried Chicken.”

According to Mashable, the owner of the poultry shack named his restaurant “Louis Vuiton Dak” (dak meaning chicken). But the swagger-jacking didn’t end there. In addition to the name, Louis Vuiton Dak also provided customers with Louis Vuitton-style napkins and take-out containers, Yahoo! News reports.

After the restaurant’s refusal to comply with a cease-and-desist request, a ruling in October ordered a “500,000 won-per-day fine” if the restaurant didn’t comply.

Restaurant owner Kim tried to beat around the bush, changing his restaurant’s name to “chaLOUISVUI TONDAK.” Louis Vuitton still wasn’t pleased, and the court agreed that the fix was not enough. Kim has since been asked to pay more than $12,750 (14.5 million won) in damages.

Moral of the story? It never hurts to be original with what you do.

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