LeBron James is a pretty recognizable dude. Being an NBA champion, the face of various Nike campaigns, and the proud owner of the most talked-about hair-line in sports usually means that people have no qualms about stopping him for selfies. But for a few brief moments, LeBron got to live like one of us—with a bunch of hidden cameras pointed at him, of course.

King James went undercover at a Blaze Pizza location in Pasadena, CA, posing as a regular employee named “Ron.” While we’re pretty sure most of the customers recognized him, they weren’t quite sure what to make of the bizarre scenario and decided to play along.

LeBron is a founding investor in Blaze, a fast-casual pizza chain that wants to be the Starbucks of the pizza game. He got in early, ditching his sponsorship with McDonald’s to focus on boosting Blaze. As Blaze continues to expand, Bron-Bron has been showing his face more as a spokesperson for the chain.


The best part of the video has to be the young woman who mistakes LeBron for Dwayne Wade. “I get that all the time,” James deadpans, which was probably the biggest lie he told all day.

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