It seems like every celebrity in getting into food these days, with varying results. Model Chrissy Teigen has become a food-world darling, while actress Eva Longoria and her female-oriented steakhouses aren’t doing so well. The latest celebrity to throw her hat into the ring is Glee star Kristin Chenoweth, who posted a couple of videos on her Facebook recently detailing how to make a salad.

The best part about Chenoweth’s videos—which she likes to dub #CookingWithKC—is that she doesn’t wax poetic about ingredients, and avoids food-TV cliches like taking a big whiff of the ingredients and discussing the aromas. Instead, her salad recipe is one literally anyone could make, even your three-year-old nephew. No, seriously. It involves cutting open a plastic bag of lettuce and topping it generously with shredded Parmesan cheese (“any brand will do, just make sure to wash your hands”). Next comes the dressing. Chenoweth keeps it real and notes with sincerity that she loves the Olive Garden brand, which she emphasizes you can get online in a two pack.

Then comes the most important bit: The croutons. She warns to never put French croutons on an Italian salad. In part two, she shows how to evenly coat the lettuce with dressing by placing a plate over the salad bowl. Just “shake it, shake it,” and voilà: “salad dressing is all over the salad.” The woman is a genius. Someone get her a show on the Cooking Channel ASAP.

[via Facebook]