We’re gonna need a lot of matzah.

Passover is in full swing, and while most Jews will be eating kugel, brisket, and other holiday classics tonight, some will apparently be eating some righteous edibles.

In a video posted by Forward, you can watch a few ultra-Orthodox Rabbis blessing some dank ganja in preparation for the holiday.

And while weed is traditionally avoided during Passover, due to its standing as a kitniyot (a legume or pulse), a ruling by Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky has allowed the healing herb for its medical benefits.

With his ruling, Jews of all denominations are allowed to smoke and/or eat cannabis for its medicinal benefits.

This news comes as a blessing for all Jewish teens; if your parents catch you and your cousins blazing before Passover dinner, at least you can tell them it’s kosher (though they'd still be right to question you on your medical needs).

[via Forward]