Typically, if you spill some salt at a restaurant, you're supposed to throw it over your shoulder to avoid bad luck. The devil is always standing behind you, and throwing salt over your shoulder helps blind him—or so the legend goes. Comedian Katt Williams has definitely been battling some demons lately, but instead of tossing a pinch of salt behind him, he threw the whole damn shaker at a restaurant manager Wednesday night. 

According to TMZ, Williams was arrested after getting in an altercation with staff members at Spondivits, a seafood restaurant in Atlanta. The drama began after Williams and his family sat down at a table without waiting for a host (the nerve!). Things took a turn for the worse, however, when Williams picked up a salt shaker and chucked it at Spondivits' manager, breaking open the guy's lip. Williams fled the scene, but the Associated Press reports that he was soon apprehended by police at a nearby Waffle House. He was bailed out of East Point jail​ at roughly 12:30am Thursday morning. 

In the past, Williams has been arrested for robbing women at gunpoint and for the assault of a store clerk, according to the Source. Just last month he was wanted by the police for getting in a fist fight with a teenager. "I think you're gonna have acne 'til you're 26," Williams said before the two started to brawl

Family members have expressed concern over Williams' mental health recently, but he maintains that they are just after his money.

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