Determining if Ohio governor and Republican presidential hopeful John Kasich is an embarrassment or not depends upon whom you ask. Conservative Ohioans might tell you that he’s brought jobs to the state and provides a “moderate” alternative to fellow GOP presidential contenders Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Others will point out that he’s gutted public education, rescinded union rights, publicly goaded Ohio’s teachers, and defunded Planned Parenthood for completely spurious reasons. He’s a classic #GottaHearBothSides politician.

What’s not up for argument, however, is that Kasich is a horrendous pizza-eater. The governor was recently caught using fork at a Queens pizzeria, which is disgraceful. Perhaps with a campaign aide in his ear, Kasich attempted to consume another iconic NYC foodstuff, the mighty Italian sub, on a recent trip to Mike’s Deli in The Bronx. Anticipating the occasion, the restaurant even made up a special hero in honor of the visit.

So, how’d it go? Let’s take a look.

Based off the still, it looks like he handled the sandwich with aplomb—no cutlery in sight! Twitter agrees.

Following his conquest, Kasich then told reporters how great he felt.

Kasich might not have very many Ws left on the campaign trail (despite believing otherwise), but he can take solace in this gastronomic victory.