Forget waiting in tortuous lines for Cronuts and gigantic milkshakes. It’s all about the raindrop cake.

Smorgasburg—the same artisan food market that gave the ramen burger its stateside launching pad—is bringing the latest Japanese viral dessert to NYC for the first time.

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The raindrop cake is made using mineral water and agar, a vegan gelatin, according to the Huffington Post. Although the cake reportedly lacks flavor, customers will have the option of adding kinako, or roasted soybean flour, on the side.

Darren Wong of Smorgasburg tells HuffPost, “The cake has to maintain its shape but still have the texture of water. It’s very delicate and fragile.”

The dessert not only looks and feels like water, but it’s also calorie-free. People looking to sample (and ‘gram) the treat can taste it starting this weekend at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg.

[via Huffington Post]