Japan is always ahead of the curve when it comes to food and technology trends, so it’s no surprise that Japanese parents would start a viral social-media trend that makes “Hot Dog Legs” look remedial.

According to BuzzFeed, parents in Japan are tagging their photos with #我が子の最強ちぎりパン画像, which translates literally to something like, “Our child’s pre-sliced bread image,” but is probably more like, “My baby’s got the best bread photo.”

The loaves in the images are a popular pull-apart snack bread that can be bought at 7-Elevens in Japan.


The bread company must be psyched, and it should probably figure out a way to start a “Best Baby Bread Photo” contest or pageant of some sort.

Basically, this is what Instagram was invented for: babies and food, joined together in the most hilarious way possible. Here are a few of our favorites:





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