Beloved regional chain In-N-Out maintains, despite its iconic status, a quiet presence among its fast-food competitors. Consumers probably won’t ever see In-N-Out emulating the menu overhauls of companies like McDonald’s, nor the aggressive social-media approach of chains like Taco Bell. The chain’s owners, whose family founded In-N-Out, prefer to keep a low profile and let the food speak for itself.

Then it comes as no surprise that the company’s not pleased about a recently released video—shown above—in which model Abigail Ratchford drizzles a milkshake on her cleavage and tosses around french fries. According to TMZ, the clip is “bad for biz.”

In-N-Out lawyers fired off a letter sent to the model’s producer, Liverichmedia … saying they’ve been flooded with complaints over a video posted last month showing Abby in “various sexually suggestive acts with In-N-Out Burger food.”

At first viewing (second, third and fourth too) … the “Dream Girl” clip might seem like a great plug, but the burger bosses are worried customers will think they’re in bed with Ratchford — which they say doesn’t mesh with the company’s image.

If it isn’t taken down immediately, In-N-Out says it will likely serve up a lawsuit.

Considering In-N-Out’s business strategy, Ratchford and Liverichmedia should take the threat seriously. The chain sued food-delivery service DoorDash last year for offering In-N-Out without its consent, proving that it doesn’t let anyone outside the company shape its image.

Of course, all Ratchford really needs to do to resolve the whole matter is take down the current video and replace it with one that depicts herself showering in Carl’s Jr. Now there’s a chain that has no problem flashing some skin to shill burgers.

[via TMZ]