People on YouTube really like to set things on fire that don’t necessarily need to be set on fire, like Big Macs and french fries. Another odd obsession: burning things with acid.

YouTube user Chemistry Flicks is on a mission to destroy fruit and other household items with what he calls “Superacid Chlorosulfonic Acid.” The stuff is pretty nasty. Just look at what it does to this apple, for example.

First, the acid decomposes the skin surrounding the fruit.


Then, as it gets down to the core of the apple, it begins to make the fruit bubble and sizzle until all that’s left is a terrifying black mess.


Can’t get enough? Why not watch how Superacid Chlorosulfonic Acid can destroy a tangerine or a bag of tea. Or you could always just compost your rotten fruit and watch Hot Ones instead.


[via YouTube]