When it comes to animal cafés, Japan has been lapping us for years. While we’re just starting to get cat cafés in NYC (the worst type of animal café, for the record), Japan has coffee- and tea-fueled shrines to iguanas, rabbits, and even owls.

The Guardian brings word of the latest addition to the genre: a hedgehog café in Tokyo, whose noble cause is to destigmatize hedgehogs, which for some reason have a reputation for being “hard to handle.” Based on the description, it sounds pretty wonderful:

Customers at “Harry” – a play on the animal’s name in Japanese – have been lining up to spend time at a bright room in the Roppongi entertainment district where 20 to 30 hedgehogs of different breeds scrabble and snooze in glass tanks.

Amazingly, Harry is housed in the same building as a rabbit café, so you can kill two bucket-list cuddle experiences with one stone. Prices are pretty reasonable, too: 1,000 yen ($9) on weekdays and 1,300 yen ($12) on holidays scores you an hour of snuggling.

[via The Guardian]