A little over a month ago, we pointed out that Lefty, the always-smiling glove that serves as Hamburger Helper’s mascot, had transformed into the epitome of a struggle rapper on Twitter, displaying all the tell-tale signs of a young MC eager to make his mark: stanning for Kanye, crowd-sourcing guest verses, and constantly claiming his mixtape was “coming soon.”

Well, Lefty wasn’t lying. Today, out of nowhere, the four-fingered glove dropped a five-track mixtape, Watch the Stove, on Soundcloud.

Don’t be fooled by the date. This is very real—and it’s honestly kind of fire.

The mixtape, which features Minnesota artists Dequexatron X000 (DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip & Bobby Raps) and collabos with students McNally Smith College of Music students, displays the full range of Lefty’s hip-hop aspirations. “Feed the Streets” feels like a throwaway from What a Time to Be Alive, with a frenetic Future-style flow that’s chockfull of euphemistic wrist talk (“I’ve been cheffin’, mixin’ with my left hand / Water whippin’ and I’m stirrin'”)—but in this case, we’re pretty confident the MC is literally cooking up cheap-and-easy weeknight meals, not serving fiends on the block.

“In Love with the Glove” moves more into the R&B lane, with auto-tuned vocals (“I don’t want no beef unless it’s ’bout those cheeks”) and a music video in which Lefty hits the club and, against all odds, attracts a lady with his bodyless swag.

There’s also a video for “Crazy, which has more of a throwback ’90s vibe.

Give it up for brands, guys. They’re really doing the most in 2016.