The Golden State Warriors are absolutely demolishing the NBA. The team is on pace to set the record for most wins in a single season, their star Steph Curry is the hottest thing in sports, and they’ve almost locked up the number one seed for the playoffs. The Warriors are also demolishing each other with pranks though, and Andre Iguodala found out first hand what revenge tastes like, when teammate Festus Ezeli slammed an entire cake onto the unsuspecting baller’s head.

@Andre HAPPY April Fools day!!! #DontMessWithFes #REVENGE #MayHaveHadsomePentUpAngerFromHisPrank

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According to Bleacher Report, the whole thing started with Iguodala tricking Ezeli into believing he had been cut from the team. Both players are currently injured, with apparently too much free time on their hands, so when Iguodala got all his teammates to send Festus texts, and even got local radio broadcasters to announce the roster move on air, Ezeli took the bait, hook, line and sinker.

After Festus figured out it was all a joke, he, obviously, had some plotting to do of his own. Festus took a little less nuanced approach, and filmed himself slamming a chocolate cake onto Iggy’s head. If you ask us that cake dunk looked a little too hard to just be playful, we’re betting Ezeli was pretty pissed about the earlier April Fool.

Something tells us that this won’t affect how the Warriors play on the court though, as that team seems destined to walk away with another championship, lets just hope that Iguodala and Ezeli can get healthy enough to help.

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