Lest you begin to mock fruit snacks as somehow unworthy of your munchies habits, don't forget that fruit is nature’s dessert. It was, after all, found in The Garden before cakes, ice cream, and candies. And it sure as hell wasn't a Snickers bar that came to represent desirability in biblical lore. 

Today, our fruit horizons have expanded, as we're willing to try even the most foul-smelling specimens on the planet (which, for the record, doesn't always yield positive results). And thanks to a robust healthy-snack movement, we are no longer restricted to cloying, artificially flavored fruit treats.  

That's assuming we're talking about the wave of smaller players and startups integrating natural and organic fruit in their snacks, while the longstanding snack behemoths (Wrigley’s, Breyers, Betty Crocker) stand idle. 

Some of us are still holding out for the day when natural Sour Patch Kids will fill concession stands, but until then, let’s shed some light on the ambitious manufacturers that are all about that real fruit. 

Here, the Snack Gawd reveals his fruit bangers of the month.