Believe it or not, the United States is not the only country that has devoted untold resources towards the pursuit of the most ridiculous burger on the globe. The arms race is international, and it is getting very real in Japan.

The popular chain Lotteria is serving its “Zenbu Nose Burger” (translation: "Everything Burger") for a limited time. This rendition of the moreish creation, which Lotteria has played with in the past, includes everything but the kitchen sink—namely: a soft-boiled egg, two patties (one hamburger, one cheeseburger), fried shrimp, cheese, bacon, and a rib, all stuffed conveniently between two buns.


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If you're in Japan and want to take on the “Zenbu Nose Burger” challenge, it will hit menus on April 28. And if you're stuck in the States, just follow our idiotic lead and make yourself an Uber-Burger.

[via Rocket News 24]