Eddie Huang is back. After a best-selling book, a Vice web series, and a hit network TV sitcom, he’s is taking his show back on the road for Viceland.

On the first episode of his new series, Huang’s World, Eddie shows pulls back the curtain on his hometown of Orlando, heading to his childhood home and introducing us to his parents and their Chinese New Year traditions.

You may recognize some of Eddie’s family from the fictionalized version you see in ABC’s Fresh Off The Boat, but these are the real-life Huangs. Eddie and his dad go check out the family’s first restaurant—which has since been replaced with a Hooters—and talk about Eddie’s early weed experiences, as well as how much the salacious chicken-wing chain has corrupted their old spot.


After touring the homes of Orlando’s insanely rich, Eddie and his mom go shopping and then start cooking up duck for Chinese New Year. But before the big meal, Eddie and his brother Evan head to the most Florida place on earth, the Sausage Castle, where they shoot guns and cook deer with Mike Busey and his gang of misfits.

As with the rest of the episode, the end is all about family. Eddie gets together with a large extended family for a delicious-looking Chinese New Year meal and talks about preserving Chinese food by memorizing his mom’s recipes.

You can catch Eddie and Huang’s World every week on Viceland.

[via Viceland]