There are few things worse than being stuck on an airplane or train without immediate access to food. Just ask British DJ Artwork. While on a long and tiresome journey from Glasgow to Sheffield, Artwork decided to take on the ambitious task of getting a pizza delivered to him on the train. And, boy, was the saga stressful.

The journey began...but not without some bumps in the road.

Although, DJ Artwork was able to power on and order his pizza, prompting the start of the real waiting game.

He was persistent, keeping his Twitter followers updated with play-by-plays of everything going on...and Twitter was hooked.

But then, the impossible happened: DJ Artwork was united with his sought-after Domino's pizza.

He even celebrated his success with one of the crew members.

He clearly has a thing for living on the edge, as he decided to try his luck once again the next day.

According to the Telegraph, the entire train was enraptured by his attempt to get the pizza delivered. Maybe next time he will try to tackle getting pizza delivered while on the tube.

[via Twitter/DJ Artwork]