Domino’s has already rolled out the delivery robots in Australia, and now the chain is getting the food-prep firepower to match its technologically advanced delivery methods Down Under. Domino’s is experimenting with an oven that they say will eventually cook entire pies in three minutes, for a total delivery time from order to door in 10 minutes.

 that the initiative has been given a not-so-secret code name, “Project 3:10,” and that the oven is already cooking pizzas in 4 minutes and 10 seconds. Domino’s is confident it can shed the extra 70 seconds. The oven uses a conveyor belt and blasting heat to rapidly cook the pies.

Domino’s Australia CEO Don Meij says that if the trial is successful in Australia, Project 3:10 will roll out in Japan and six other countries. Meij also notes other pizzerias are lucky to get a pie out of the oven in seven minutes, much less three.

Dominos hopes to have their pizza cook-time down to 3 minutes sometime within the next three years, but until then, maybe they should try a wood-fired oven and start making Neopolitan pizzas, which actually take less than three minutes to cook. Just a suggestion.

[via Grub Street]