The customer always comes first—unless you are working at a Domino’s in Paris, Texas near closing time, apparently. ABC 6 reports that a nurse working the graveyard shift ordered a pie from the chain to fuel him through the night. When he got his pizza it came with more than sauce, cheese, and grease pools. An employee decided to include a note about his order reading, “We would appreciate it very much if  you didn’t wait until five minutes before we close.” In the eternal words of Michelle Tanner, “How rude.”

While having to stay late at work is frustrating, the restaurant business is about hospitality and customer service. Kerry Miller, a friend of the nurse who received the note, says he is outraged. “I don’t care if they called one minute till, the business is still open,” Miller told ABC. “Service your customers.”

Miller was even more upset at the employee’s attitude because nurses “save lives everyday,” and the hospital where they work is never closed. Domino’s corporate agrees with Miller. A spokesperson released a statement saying, “We do not condone or encourage this kind of behavior or one-sided ‘dialogue’ with our customers.” 

This is just the latest instance in a long history of rude notes written on boxes or receipts, which have become makeshift soapboxes for unsolicited opinions. Earlier this year, a bartender decided to call a customer “extra fat” on her receipt. And a Pizza Hut in Singapore is also guilty of penning a mean note to a customer—an employee made fun of the customer’s weight and called her the “pink fat lady” on her receipt.

[via ABC 6]