Dale Earnhardt, Jr. took a break from driving cars really fast today to show his support for a curious dish he thinks we should all be eating: bananas and mayo on white bread.


The stock-car–racing star’s tweet garnered some shocked reactions from fans and hot-take–loving sports writers, who seem dismayed by the combination of soft, white foods.


But those in the know—like Deadspin editor Timothy Burke—were more upset with the brand choice than the combo itself:


While the uninitiated might mistake them for the type of weird dish you invent as a kid, banana-and-mayo sammies are actually variants of “a forgotten Southern sandwich” featuring peanut butter and mayo, according to Garden & Gun. There’s even a whole Facebook page dedicated to fans of the under-appreciated snack.

Earnhardt, Jr. first expressed his love for Hellmans and bananas back in 2014. The controversial sandwich also became a good-luck charm for Nationals bullpen coach Matthew LeCroy during a win streak the same year.

[via Twitter/@DaleJr]