Turns out a deep love of Costco can be beneficial to more than just your wallet. Amid the treasure trove of incredibly cheap hot dogs and 72-packs of chips at the bulk-goods store, one high-school senior found the key to getting into five Ivy League universities.

According to Quartz, 18-year-old Brittany Stinson—who is set to graduate from Concord High School in Wilmington, Delaware—this year decide to throw caution to the wind and write about shopping at Costco with her mother for her college application essay. The risk paid off, and now Stinson has her pick between Yale, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, and Cornell (plus Stanford).

It should be noted that just writing an essay about watching fellow patrons tote their carts piled with frozen burritos, cheese puffs, tubs of ice cream, and weight­loss supplements” isn’t enough. Stinson garnered high scores on her SATs, is on track to graduate as valedictorian, and is a competitive cross-country runner. Still, writing about your favorite bulk grocery store is a good way to separate yourself from the pack of high-achievers. (You can read the essay in full here.)

Stinson isn’t the first person to take her love of Costco to a new level. A couple who first laid eyes upon each other in the frozen foods section of a location in California, decided to get married right where they met. Even though the store said it doesn’t typically book weddings (does this mean other people have tried?!), the upper brass made an exception for the couple “upon hearing the circumstances of their meeting.”

Awwww. Is there anything more romantic than tying the knot as your friends, family, and large boxes of taquitos look on?

[via Quartz]