Teens are a fickle bunch, but there are a few things that simply won’t stand for: “inauthenticity,” old dudes talking smack about Taylor Swift, and—apparently—fear of getting sick from a burrito bowl.

In the wake of its Chipotle’s norovirus outbreak and an E. coli scandal, the cult chain has lost its supremacy in the coveted teen market. According to a survey conducted by Piper Jaffray, “Chipotle remained the second most preferred brand among upper income teens and ties for top five among average income teens … it did cede share sequentially across both gender and geography categories.” The study surveyed 6,500 teens.

Business Insider notes that teens are now gravitating towards McDonald’s and Starbucks instead of the “sustainable” fast-casual Mexican restaurant. The survey found that Starbucks has been able to maintain its spot as the favorite brand among teens in the upper- and average-income brackets. McDonald’s has secured its spot as the second favorite of average-income teens, and the fifth most popular for higher-income teens.

Chipotle isn’t just getting the cold shoulder from teens, either. Fortune reports that Chipotle’s shareholders aren’t too happy with the chain’s board of directors, particularly its lacks diversity—almost every director is a white male, with the exception of one female.

It looks like it’s going to take more than just free burritos and guac to win back the consumers and shareholders.

[via Business Insider]