Chick-Fil-A has some pretty unconventional views when it comes to nutrition. Let’s not forget the time the franchise tried to convince us all that chicken nuggets were part of a well-balanced, healthy diet. We all know how well that went down.

Now, Business Insider reports Chick-Fil-A has decided to stop serving iceberg lettuce because of its limited nutritional value when compared to other leafy greens.

Chick-Fil-A’s vice president of menu strategy and development, David Farmer, explains to Business Insider“There is no nutritional value in iceberg lettuce. It’s at the bottom of the salad food chain.” Shots fired!

Like many chains across the country, CFA is feeling the pressure to meet the current demand for healthier options. Farmer continues, “We’re seeing purchase behavior shift toward healthier items, so we’re fully committed to providing more nutritional options for customers.” Chick-Fil-A plans on accomplishing this goal with the help of six chefs who will create new menu items featuring rich, leafy greens like kale and broccolini. It has also introduced a gluten-free bun.

While it may not pack the same punch as King Kale, iceberg lettuce still delivers more nutritional benefits than most heavily processed fast foods—at least there’s some fiber and vitamins in there.

Moreover, what iceberg lacks in vitamins, it makes up for in crunch. That’s the only legitimate reason to put it in a sandwich in the first place.

[via Business Insider]