Thanks to our Stoner Snack Series, we’ve collected important intel on the munchies habits of modern-day weed heads, from gangster rappers, to indie darlings. But in honor of 4/20, we thought we’d turn back the clock and defer to one of the OGs of pot comedy: Cheech Marin, of Cheech and Chong fame.

Best known as a stoner icon of the ‘70s and ‘80s, Cheech has been around long enough to witness marijuana subculture “absorbed by everyone,” something becoming part of our collective “cultural genetic makeup.”

“Everybody I know smokes weed,” he says. Riding the wave of mainstream acceptance, he’s leveraged his stoner bonafides into his own glassware company, and is exploring the possibility of getting his name on a strain.

“Who out there wouldn’t want to smoke a pack of ‘Cheech & Chong Menthol Lites?’”

Always considering himself and partner Tommy Chong “middle of the road stoners” who were rarely high while working, saving the smoking for the after-parties and nighttime shenanigans, Cheech is excited to see the world become more accepting of functional, productive-member-of-society stoners, and for pot to finally lose its stigma. But when it comes to snacking, ain’t a damn thing changed since the glory days.

“When I’m hungry and I’m stoned, whatever I see in front of me automatically gets an added extra layer of deliciousness and is getting eaten.” There are a few exceptions of course, like flavored Twinkies and veggie platters. Adopting a plant-based diet, after all, is something he described as his “worst nightmare.”

To dig deeper into his munchies habits, we chopped it up with the OG stoner about new-school snacks and old standbys. The question remains: Cop or nah?

Hot Cheetos and Takis


Cheech says: “What are Takis? The rolled up Doritos? Oh, I’ve never had those so I can’t comment. But Cheetos? Fuck yeah!”

Verdict: Cop

Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia


Cheech says: “I don’t tend to eat Ben & Jerry’s. I mean, Häagen-Dazs is a staple, but there’s so much artisanal stuff coming out. Lots of pistachio and salted caramel everywhere. It’s really good.”

Verdict: Nah



Cheech says: “I don’t know their menu that well so…ehh.” (Photo: Carla Choy)

Verdict: Nah



Cheech says: “I like hummus. I like it with bread more than chips, though. Sourdough, because it’s more absorbent.”

Verdict: Cop

Veggie Platters


Cheech says:My worst nightmare is I wake up and I’m a vegetarian. So that’s a pass.”

Verdict: Nah

Charcuterie Board


Cheech says: “You could do something with that. Combine the meats and the cheese and I’ll push any vegetables off the board. I like all kinds of sausages. I lived in France for a little while and got the best meat there. Whatever cheese is in front of me works for this one. Different horses for different courses. My girl likes Gruyère on top of her French-onion soup that I make.” (Photo: Liz Barclay)

Verdict: Cop



Cheech says: “They’re so great. I love having them when I’m in New Orleans. It’s fucking crazy. Early in the morning. I’m salivating thinking about it.” (Photo: Flickr/vxla)

Verdict: Cop



Cheech says: “It’s a staple. I drink it every day and make it myself. Well, I open a can myself. Ha. But I have all the kinds. Limeade, pink lemonade….but I always have [regular] lemonade.”

Verdict: Cop

Breakfast Burrito


Cheech says: “Oh, yeah. You need one. I like chorizo and eggs on mine. No veggies. It’s a breakfast burrito!

Verdict: Cop

Lance Toast Chee Peanut Butter Crackers


Cheech says: “Those are really good. You don’t ever really buy them, but when you get ‘em, you like ’em. I think you always just find them in your coat pocket—like, ‘it’s a little crumbly but it’ll do.’ That’s probably the best kind, though.”

Verdict: Cop

Cinnamon Toast Crunch


Cheech says: “I didn’t grow up eating it, but when you have it, it’s like, ‘hey, this isn’t bad’-ish. It’s not Cheerios, though.”

Verdict: Nah



Cheech says: “Pears are cool. You gotta get over the texture change. It’s like an apple but a little gushier. I’ve learned to cook with pears, so I’m definitely more into them now.”

Verdict: Cop

Edible Arrangements


Cheech says: “[Laughs] That’s such an open door. But I like those. Reminds me of [artist] Giuseppe Arcimboldo who made all the paintings of faces out of fruit and vegetables, so maybe one would look like that. There’s something for everybody.”

Verdict: Cop



Cheech says: “That’s a main of my youth, boy. You could take a torpedo like that. I love the flavor. They probably have like Chinese [knockoff] Twinkies now. The originals were so good. No other flavors though. Fuck that. Original only.(Photo: Liz Barclay)

Verdict: Cop



Cheech says: “Eh, I get it. Seems like a lot of work trying to get it out of the container, though.

Verdict: Nah



Cheech says: “Oh yeah. Those are a little more filling and substantial. Get a little more sugar in there.” (Photo: Liz Barclay)

Verdict: Cop

Sushi Burrito


Cheech says: “I’ve never had one but it sounds like a shotgun marriage, so I don’t know.

Verdict: Nah

Red Bull


Cheech says: “Well, when you need a Red Bull, you need a Red Bull. It might be a little more utilitarian, but after some time smoking and needing to get your shit together…

Verdict: Cop

Bonus: Cheech’s Easy Pear Dessert Recipe to Impress a Date

1. Peel some pears.
2. Put them in a pot and cover them in red wine.
3. Throw in a handful of sugar.
4. Throw in a stick of cinnamon
5. Slowly stew ‘em, bringing the wine and sugar mix down to a reduction.
6. Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzle the reduction on top.

Those in LA who want even more of Cheech can catch him and Tommy Chong doing a special 4/20 variety show at The Novo at 9PM.