“When me and Mac Miller were on tour together, it was turnt up every night,” says L.A.-based emcee and streetwear entrepreneur Casey Veggies. “We’d be eating pizza and hot wings. That’s a savior on tour.”

If you run in the same circles as potheads like Mac and YG, odds are high that you have some sage munchies advice to bestow on the masses. For Veggies, that means finessing your Top Ramen with hot sauce until it turns red (“That’s how you know it’s fire”). Or knowing that the microwave-pizza queen is, without a doubt, Celeste’s (“That shit is bomb”).

But I didn’t have to remind you of his bonafides. He’ll tell you himself:


While Veggies is quick to acknowledge Wiz Khalifa as the don of joint rolling, and Schoolboy Q as the master of Backwoods, we wanted to dig in to this own stoner habits, starting with standby munchies. From tater tots to Taco Bell, we asked Veggies to rate a series of snacks in the stoner arsenal. The question remains: cop or nah?

Pop Tarts

Veggies says: “I would definitely recommend Pop Tarts, especially the strawberry ones. I don’t really like toasting it—I just eat it straight out of the package. (Photo: amazon.com)

Verdict: Cop

Taco Mell

@yg off the #tacocaine

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Veggies says:Taco Mell! That’s my boy. It’s right by my studio. I was just at his place three days ago. That shit is amazing. The famous thing they have going is the three-meat burrito with chicken, steak, and shrimp. I found out about Taco Mell because he was catering YG’s music video. The food was bomb so I followed him on Instagram.

Verdict: Cop

McDonald’s Apple Pie

Veggies says: “I love it. On a good night you can’t go wrong. Bada ba ba ba, I’m lovin’ it.” (Photo: Flickr/Jennifer Boyer)

Verdict: Cop

Canter’s Deli

Veggies says: “I grew up on Fairfax when I was in middle school. We used to take the bus over to Diamond Supply, Supreme, and HUF. And I used to sell candy so I could buy streetwear clothes. Canter’s is a super-rare spot. They got good french fries.” (Photo: Yelp/Sergio Z.)

Verdict: Cop

Harold and Belle’s

Veggies says:They literally have the best jambalaya and seafood. The homie Terrace Martin eats there, and he plays jazz sometimes too. My mom loves that spot.” (Photo: Yelp/Sean T.)

Verdict: Cop

BBQ Ruffles

Veggies says: “No I’m gonna tell you now: sour cream and cheddar is the best flavor known to man.”

Verdict: Nah

Randy’s Doughnuts

Veggies says:
That’s a legendary spot. It has a huge doughnut on top of it, so it stands out. It’s in a lot of movies too. It’s a drive-thru, but you can walk up to the window. I only like the glazed doughnuts.” (Photo: Yelp/Bruce K.)

Verdict: Cop

Taco Bell

Veggies says:
“Every now and then I’ll eat there. I love the Crunchwrap supreme, the Mexican pizza, and the chicken quesadillas. I ain’t gonna lie—I like the Burrito Supreme too.”

FWF: “Is there anything you won’t eat at Taco Bell?”

Veggies says:Yeah, the fucking breakfast tacos. (Photo: hawaiiperks.com)

Verdict: Depends on order

Hot Pockets

Veggies says: “Hell yeah. The homie just ate one the other day, and I wanted one. That shit looked fire. (Photo: Facebook/Hot Pockets)

Verdict: Cop

Slim Jim

Veggies says: “Nah, I can’t do those. Those are out. That’s like middle school; you can’t do those too much. (Photo: conagrafoods.com)

Verdict: Nah


Veggies says: “I love Chipotle, even though one time it made my stomach hurt. I like the bowls with chips and guac.”

FWF: “You know about the E. coli scare?”

Veggies says: “Yeah, I know about that. I fell back from it a little bit. I’d rather go to a real Mexican restaurant. (Photo: Facebook: Chipotle)

Verdict: Cop, but lay low for a while

Tater tots

Veggies says: “We just had them at Sonic and they didn’t give us enough! They shorted us. Sonic tater tots is the best thing going. I’d rather have them instead of fries, unless they’re seasoned fries.” (Photo: doghaus.com)

Verdict: Cop


Veggies says: “I don’t eat Nutella. I’ve never really tried it.”

FWF: “It’s good, get some while you’re in Vegas.”

Veggies says: “Nah I don’t like that stuff.” (Photo: Facebook/Nutella)

Verdict: Nah

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Veggies says: “I like Cap’n Crunch better. Cinnamon Toast gets soggy.” (Photo: dollargeneral.com)

Verdict: Maybe