Poor Rachael Ray—even having an extra a in her name couldn’t ward of a swarming Beyhive this weekend. On Saturday, superhuman Beyonce dropped her "visual album," Lemonade, which follows the theme of dealing with an unfaithful husband​ (jury's out on how much real-life Jay Z is written into this intense portrait of infidelity). She referred to the other woman simply as “Becky with the good hair” on the track “Sorry.” Fashion designer Rachel Roy, who spells her name with just one a, posted an Instagram shortly after the release, hinting that she may be the real life Becky.

Unfortunately for cooking show host and powerful EVOO evangelist Rachael Ray, she is more famous than Roy, which led to a glut of confusion for Beyonce’s rabid fans. According to US Weekly, members of the Beyhive didn’t bother Googling who Rachel Roy was and instead jumped on Ray’s Instagram, flooding it with lemon and bee emojis, as well as rude messages like, “[I’m] throwing your cookbook in the trash!” and “I bet that’s exactly what you were whipping up in Jay Z’s kitchen while Beyoncé was out performing”—all on a picture of a cheeseburger, mind you.

A few people quickly came to Ray’s defense, telling the furious masses to “stop coming for poor Rachael Ray,” and that she “just wants to make brunch” and is not Rachel Roy. Ray, in her defense, has remained mum on the fiasco, instead posting pictures of pulled beef sandwiches and steak salads while fans drag each other in the comments section.

While Ray was never intentionally meant to be part of Lemonade, the film did have a cameo by a legendary food personality. Eater writes that New Orleans’ chef and author Leah Chase, who is known as the “Queen of Creole cooking,” is featured looking like a total badass in a high-backed chair. Chase, who is behind the restaurant Dooky Chase, celebrated her 93rd birthday this year and is being honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s James Beard Awards.