We always love a Bourdain story, whether it’s an ode to Paul Bocuse on Parts Unknown, or a quick anecdote about the joys of Waffle House.

The globe-trotting chef and tv personality had plenty of tidbits to share in a recent interview with The Daily Beast, ranging from this thoughts about Food Network hosts (“However you feel about Fieri or [Gordon] Ramsay, they’re tough acts to follow. How do you top that?”) to fine-dining restaurants (“It’s not just the usual snowy haired investment bankers that were maybe eating there 10 years ago.”).

Daily Beast’s Noah Rothbaum was also kind enough to ask the question that’s always on our mind—what are Anthony Bourdain’s restaurant standbys in his hometown? Here is a quick recap of his picks:

Russ & Daughters

Bourdain says:
“I’m going to get bialys and a pile of chopped liver and smoked salmon and some cream cheese, maybe some sturgeon, and maybe some fish eggs—and I’m just going to go berserk.” (Photo: Russ & Daughters)

Mission Chinese Food

Bourdain says:
“It’s the most fun restaurant in New York…They do these lethal drinks that you would never in your right mind drink in any other circumstance. Mai Tais, really? Why not?”


Bourdain says:
“…if I really want to blow it out I’ll go to Marea…Not that the fish isn’t magnificent, but I’ll go in and eat three or four different pastas.” (Photo: Liz Barclay)

Shake Shack

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Bourdain says:
“I’m having a double cheeseburger naked, please. No lettuce. No tomato. No nothing. Just cheese and two burgers on a potato bun. I’ll have two of those and I’m happy. I’m singing America, fuck yeah!”