Now that Action Bronson’s Fuck, That’s Delicious series has hit Viceland, he’s getting the media attention befitting of a TV star, including cooking-demo slots on network late-night shows. Last night, he brought his food-rap wizardry over to NBC, where he poured “farm-raised” Sicilian rosé and cooked an octopus caught by a “57-year-old Greek man in Kips Bay” for Seth Meyers.

During the segment, Bam Bam reveals that he didn’t like seafood as a kid, but now that he’s traveling the world and swan-diving off boats, he’s learned to love it. He also reveals a neat cooking trick: Throwing wine corks into the oven with your octopus to tenderize it.

For his part, Meyers seems mildly concerned that Bronson touches the food so much rather than using any sort of kitchen tools, but the Action assures him that his “hands are made of asbestos” and so tongs are useless to him.

In addition to getting a nice Mediterranean octopus recipe, we also learn that Bronsolino has new projects on the way: a mixtape called Blue Chips 7000, and 12 more episodes of Fuck, That’s Delicious.