Action Bronson, Mayhem Lauren, Big Body Bes, and Alchemist are back at it again, traipsing the globe to eat good food, smoking good weed, and drinking good wine. This week, the season finale of Fuck, That's Delicious brought the crew to Paris, where they dined on rotisserie chicken, veggie burgers, and a whole hell of a lot of cheese. 

The squad started their culinary tour of Paris at Marche Des Enfants Rouge, a central market with vendors, stalls, and produce. The first stop? A veggie burger that looks out of this world. And in true Parisian fashion, the spot is unwilling to share the recipe, so all we know is that it has a lot of seeds and Swiss chard. 

Being the multi-faceted money maker that Bronson is, he sold out two shows in the City of Lights. At the first show, Action invited a very special guest—i.e., the dude that served them rotisserie chicken the night before. The chicken was so good that Action gave the counter kid a ticket to the show, and ordered a 30-chicken catered meal to the concert venue. 

Before rocking a second show, Action attempts to introduce Alchemist and the rest of the gang to the world of French cheese. The scene is probably the best of the season, and it's worth watching for Alchemist's reactions alone. There's no word on when you can expect season two of Fuck, That's Delicious, but with the success of the first season, we doubt its far behind. 

[via Viceland]