Things got real cloudy in North Carolina yesterday. As Snoop performed at the Azalea Festival in Wilmington last night, he and plenty of fans were puffing on the sticky-icky, but Snoop was able to satisfy his post-show munchies with something fans in attendance couldn’t: custom made blunt-shaped doughnuts provided exclusively to the Doggfather from NC’s Wake N’ Bake Donuts.

Wake N’ Bake is no stranger to the greenery, as you might have guessed, but for Snoop’s doughnut, the proprietors took their stoner tendencies to the extreme. The special doughnut was shaped like an overstuffed eclair, but without filling. It was covered in chocolate to resemble the tobacco-leaf hue of a blunt. The doughnut also has what appears to be a cookie crumble top in gold, black, and red to imitate the ash and cherry of a lit blunt.

After Wake N’ Bake posted a photo of the doughnut on its Facebook page, Snoop took to Twitter looking to get his hands on one. Little did he know, that they were already on their way, and that he was the only one who would get to experience the glory of the doughnut blunt.

Wake N’ Bake provided doughnuts for all the acts playing the Azalea festival, including a banjo-shaped doughnut for the Avett Brothers, which is cool and all, but we’ll take the blunt, thank you very much.

[via Wake N’ Bake Donuts]