The gluten-free movement gets dragged through the mud as a prime example of today’s Goop-reading, fad-diet–loving mania. But it’s important to remember that for many people, avoiding gluten is a necessity, not just a trendy lifestyle choice.

The Spanish-based clothing company Zara learned the hard way that not everyone appreciates gluten snark when it released a t-shirt emblazoned with the phrase “Are You Gluten Free?” 

Celiac-disease sufferers weren’t happy to see a company trivialize a health problem,” and outraged fans took to to create a petition against the shirt. Currently, the petition has more than 50,000 signatures advocating Zara to remove the product and apologize for its offensive message.

Zara’s parent company has since obliged and offered its regrets in a statement:

“The T-shirt mentioned in this petition was pulled from our online store a few weeks ago now and we are currently confirming that it is not for sale in our stores either. We sincerely regret that this case might be interpreted as a trivialization of coeliac disease, the absolute opposite of our intentions.”

This is far from the first time a t-shirt has been under fire for trying to poke fun at our diet-obsessed culture. Back in 2010, actress Sophia Bush accused Urban Outfitters of promoting eating disorders with a shirt that read simply “eat less.” Bush boycotted the brand and urged fans to do the same in an open letter she wrote to Urban Outfitters on her blog.

[via Munchies]