If you’ve got plans to buy some new pots and pans, or even a new oven, you might want to put your trip to William Sonoma on hold, and take a look at Thomas Keller’s Facebook page. On it the world-renowned chef recently announced that the entire kitchen from The French Laundry is now for sale.

According to Keller’s Facebook, the kitchen, which has been housed in shipping containers for the past year while the restaurant underwent construction, will be replaced by a brand-new kitchen, meaning its time to get rid of the old one. Keller’s kitchen will be sold as one piece, so you better own a pretty big house, or be opening a restaurant if you think you’re in the market.

Keller explained in his post how sad he was to see the 1,120-square-foot kitchen go, but how happy he is to move on to brand new digs. The for-sale kitchen will retain its historic value, with the signature five brass stars above the pass, and the plaque reading “Sense of Urgency” still intact.

It will not, however, come with any cooking skills. People serious about purchasing the kitchen can contact tempkitchen@frenchlaundry.com, while the rest of us try and make a reservation to see what Keller can do with a brand new kitchen.

[via Thomas Keller]