The New York Mets superstar Yoenis Cespedes has plenty of money to blow: whether its on Lambos, waffle makers, or even award-winning pigs.

The New York Daily News reports Yoenis Cespedes dropped seven grand on a prize-winning 275-pound pig from the St. Lucie County Fair, because who doesn’t want a giant hog in their life?

The story is sort of like a weird twist on Charlotte’s Web, except this time Cespedes snagged a giant pig raised by a 14-year-old kid. As Yahoo! Sports notes, the guy has been known to roast pigs. If you’re asking yourself why Cespedes would want a Grand Champion hog in the first place, a team spokesperson explains,

“He just wanted to help the kids out. He saw they were trying to raise money.”

The young teen even had his photo taken with the pig, Cespedes, and his family. Talk about a day to remember.

[via New York Daily News]