Have you heard about Whole Foods? Have you heard that they sometimes take things a little too far? Like that time they tried to sell you a bottle of water with three stalks of asparagus in it for $6—remember that? Or the time they got sued and had to pay a half-a-million dollar fine for overcharging people? Well, they’re back and this time, they were selling individual oranges, peeled and repackaged in a plastic box.

The environmental blunder and general laziness was pointed out on Twitter by user Nathalie Gordon, who rightfully wondered why she should be buying oranges wrapped in plastic, when they naturally come with a perfectly good compostable wrapper.


According to Eater, the oranges, or Sumo tangerines rather, were on sale for $5.99 per pound and came packed with a label proclaiming “Made right here,” which means that Whole Foods was paying people to just peel oranges for a significant portion of their day.

Whole Foods was quick to respond, though, as the flashbacks from asparagate probably still cause some cold sweats in the grocery chain’s corporate office. And like that, the pre-packaged oranges were taken off the shelves, like they were never even there.


Except they were, and we have the internet, which means that the boxed oranges will never be forgotten, just like the asparagus water. Step your game up Whole Foods.

[via Eater]