The man they call Nick Trainerbee is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. He’s a locksmith, an artist, a marijuana advocate, a Frenchman, and a beekeeper. But when Nick combined his interests and started looking at the ways bees could interact with cannabis, he might have become a genius as well.

Nick has figured out how to train his bees to extract the resin from cannabis buds, creating a 100% natural weed honey.

According to Counter Current News, Nick had been training bees for 20 years, coaxing the pollinators to collect sugars from fruit instead of flowers, and now, to collect resin from the flower of America’s favorite psychoactive cash crop.

“For some time I had known about the health benefits of bee products such as honey, propolis, pollen, wax and royal jelly and also about the benefits of cannabis” Nick said, adding that “everything that passes through the body of a bee is improved.”

Nick calls the final product ‘Cannahoney,’ a medically beneficial weed byproduct that should be eaten and not smoked.

The bees, who have no cannabinoid receptors and are therefore unaffected by the weed, will gather resin from any strain, making the possibilities almost endless.

And while no one has tested the THC percentages in the ‘cannahoney,’ it does have psychoactive effects for humans, so expect the entire state of Oregon and half of California to become beekeepers in the next few months.

Finally, some weed honey oil that you don’t have to blow up your house to make.

[via Counter Current News]