What do two grandmas with access to a murdered-out Lamborghini Murciélago get into? Well, pretty much the same thing two 16-year-olds would do if given the same opportunity: ride around showing off, go get snacks, and spit some game.

The gear heads over at Donut Media thought it would be fun to hand over the Lambo keys to Audrey and Peggy and see what happens. After they figured out how to back the car out of the driveway, the ladies tore through L.A., stunting like only someone with 70-plus years of life experience knows how.

The only place they stopped? The grocery store, of course, where they checked out the register attendants, got confused by the under-the-hood trunk, and started spitting game to a dude who stopped to look at the car.

Lamborghini mercy, why grandma so thirsty?

[via Donut Media]