Turns out that Waffle House—the 24-hour breakfast chain beloved by rappers and athletes—makes more than just crispy waffles and smothered hash browns. According to NPR, the popular franchise also makes music (and not just the kind coming from customers’ mouths as they sing out of happiness). For the past 30 years, the chain has operated its own music label called, well, Waffle Records.

Since launching the the imprint in the mid-1980s, Waffle Records has released nearly 40 songs. All of them are Waffle House-themed, but they are more like “mood music than commercials,” says Shelby White who heads the label. If a song sounded too much like a commercial, it would get axed. The tracks are available to listen to in Jukeboxes at various Waffle House locations.

Waffle Records isn’t picky about the style of the song, however. Over the years, it has released everything from a gospel track (called “They’re Cooking Up My Order” by Alfreda Gerald), to Bluegrass (“Waffle House Steaks” by Northwest Territory), to R&B (“Waffle House For You And Me” by G’ane). The label even makes incredible, cheesy music videos to accompany each track.

The label has yet to drop a mixtape, however, which is surprising considering just how much rappers and musicians love Waffle House. Kanye is a frequent visitor who has popped into the chain with John Legend before. Could you imagine how fire a breakfast-themed Kanye-Legend collaboration would be? They could call it “All Of Me (Loves Waffles Too).”

A track by Ludacris, who has a free lifetime supply of waffles at the chain, would also be lit. It really couldn’t be that hard to rework “Area Codes” to be about Waffle House locations. There’s no reason why Waffle House fan Fetty Wap couldn’t drop “My Way (Scattered and Covered).” Snapchat star and producer DJ Khaled is also known to be fond of the chain, though the label wouldn’t have to remix anything considering that “All I Do Is Win” is pretty much the anthem of any meal at Waffle House. Fingers crossed the rap and waffle Gods make this happen. 

[via NPR]