Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods—it’s a constant debate for yuppies deciding where to get their kale chips and craft beer, and often the decision comes down to how flush they’re feeling. Trader Joe’s is the budget option, while Whole Foods is often dubbed “Whole Paycheck” for its higher prices.

But the two new-school giants have shifted prices many times over the years, making it tough to keep up with where they really stand. Here’s the latest: Deutsche Bank analysts have found Trader Joe’s is now 26% cheaper than Whole Foods. The prices of 77 similar items were compared at both Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods in New York. The difference was obvious, with the Whole Foods total coming out to $303, and the Trader Joe’s haul adding up to $240.

“TJ’s might be once again catching WFM off guard because prior checks have not shown such disparity,” Deutsche Bank analyst Karen Short explained in her research notes.

This idea of Trader Joe’s slashing prices to further undercut Whole Foods takes us back to 2013, the last time the chain cut the prices of many of its items. According to Business Insider, Trader Joe’s cut the price of nearly 200 items, forcing Whole Foods to do the same.

In addition to low prices, Trader Joe’s also benefits from the cult appeal of items like Cookie Butter. Meanwhile, Whole Foods continues to get beaten up on social media for absurd items like asparagus water and pre-peeled oranges.

[via Business Insider]