The solution to all of life’s problems is here. It’s called The biēm, and it is revolutionary. The biēm is a butter sprayer, and It sprays butter. But not any weird chemically enhanced liquid butter, it turns regular old sticks of butter into a beautiful fatty mist. Just drop your preferred brand into the machine, press the button, and boom, you’re giving your toast a spray tan of delicious golden butter.

Many inventions have come and gone in the great culinary quest of solving butter, but still we find ourselves spreading butter on toast with a knife. All that is set to change as The biēm rocketed past their Kickstarter ask, already doubling their fundraising goal with three weeks left to go.

According to Mashable, The biēm has touch sensors that turn the machine on and off based on how you hold it and where it is placed. The gadget doesn’t melt down your whole stick of butter either, it melts only what you’re spraying, heats the interior to 95 degrees, but no higher, and will let you know when to add another stick of butter.

You can even store the device in your fridge if you’d like, or leave it out on display for all of your butter-loving friends to see. The first round of products is being pre-sold for $99 on the company’s Kickstarter, but hey, think of all the money you’ll save never buying another butter knife.

[via Mashable]