A woman who ate at the Dallas churrascaria Texas De Brazil back in December 2015 is still in the midst of trying to recoup money from injuries she suffered during dinner. While she was at the Brazilian steakhouse, a server left her with a two-inch cut after slicing her with his carving knife.

According to CBS 11, the woman, Karla Whitley, was eating at the Churrasco-style steakhouse, where it is commonplace for waiters to use large knives to slice meat off of swords or skewers table-side, when the incident occurred. She says she felt a ‘searing pain’ and saw her gash fill up with blood. The woman insists that she did not reach in front of the server or make any other movements that might have endangered her around the knife.

brazil cut

The knife sliced a little more meat than was intended and cut Whitley. According to a statement from the restaurant, Whitley then put on a band-aid and continued eating the rest of her meal. But after leaving, Whitley says that she realized the cut was deeper than she had originally thought, and went to a doctor to have it taken care of.

The cut healed, but left a scar, which Whitley believes the steakhouse should be financially responsible for. How much, exactly, is a two-inch scar on an arm worth? According to Whitley its about $23,700. That’s $5,000 for plastic surgery to remove the scar, $6,700 for lost wages because she plans to miss work for the plastic surgery, and then $12,000 for pain and suffering.

brazil scar

Whitley claims she’s been getting the run around from Texas De Brazil and their insurance provider, and went to CBS 11 for some consumer justice. Really though, it’s a scar, and she ate the meal after. It seems like a simple free dinner and some gift cards should have been enough—but, this is America, and we love a good lawsuit. Let’s just hope that server has found a less dangerous line of work.

[via CBS 11]