State Legislators are elected to represent the people of their districts; but if that’s to be believed, then the people of Tennessee must really hate tipping, seeing that their representatives stiffed a Hooters server earlier this week.

State Reps. Mary Littleton (R-Dixon) and Tilman Goins (R-Morristown) visited a Hooters in Nashville where they each rang up tabs of about $35. On both of the credit card receipts, neither left a tip. Goings left his tip line empty, while Littleton wrote ‘sorry’ instead of a dollar amount.

According to the Nashville Scene, the waitress, understandably pissed off, posted photos of the checks on her Facebook, where they gained media attention. The server, Amanda Anderson, posted this caption along with the photos: “State representatives are supposed to exhibit class and integrity … this one acted like a child,”

The Nashville Scene reached out to Rep. Littleton about the incident, and she told the paper that she had received bad service.

“Everyone has had a bad experience with service at some point when dining out at a restaurant. It is unfortunate that my private note to the server regarding the quality of service in this instance was made public.” Littleton said.  “Due to the overall experience that evening, I decided not to provide a tip. In hindsight, rather than writing a note on the receipt, I should have asked for the manager so that I could register my concerns with the quality and promptness of service. As the mother of someone who has been a server, I know that servers have difficult and demanding jobs and, as such, it is has always been especially important to me that I make sure to tip generously when I receive good service.”

If her child has been a server, Littleton should know that you are not tipping for service, you are providing a living wage where one is not otherwise provided. Servers make less than minimum wage and make up the rest with tips. Yes, it is a flawed, but not a hard to understand, and one that those elected to represent the working public should probably be acquainted with.

Hopefully a little public shaming will encourage these lawmakers to leave a tip next time, no matter how the service was.

[via Nashville Scene]