One way to make an impression when interviewing for a job is to showoff an impressive resume. A more heroic way is thwart a robbery in the midst of your interview. According to CBS, that is exactly what happened over the weekend at a Popeyes location in New Orleans. Eighteen-year-old Devin Washington was discussing a career move at the beloved, chef-endorsed chicken chain when a thief reached over the counter and grabbed cash from the register drawer after asking the cashier to make change for a dollar.

Police say that an assistant manager was able to grab the robber’s arm, but he managed to break free from his grasp. As the thief was heading to the door, Washington got up and bent his arm back without thinking twice. Washington said he wasn’t scared even though he didn’t know whether or not the man had a gun. Washington and a cook “held the thief” until police were able to arrive.

At the end of the day, Washington managed to prevent an estimated $300 to $400 from being being stolen. The restaurant’s manager Danyanna Metoyer says that she had already decided to hire Washington before the robbery went down, but that the incident confirmed she made the right choice. Metoyer told Washington after the incident, “You’re hired. You earned it.”


Washington is now in the running with a Dunkin’ Donuts employee for most bad-ass fast-food worker. In 2013, a person attempted to rob a DD drive-thru, but the employee managed to thwart the theft by throwing hot coffee at the perp. As the suspect ran away, the employee shouted, “Go run on Dunkin’.”

[via CBS]